10 ways to use custom Wall Art in your school

The pandemic has really shaken up the way we view everything, including schools and learning spaces. Recently we’ve been helping many schools use custom wall art to improve their amenities and we’ve pulled together a ten-point plan on how to boost learning, motivation and fun throughout the school environment.


1. Welcome – the wall art way

From gates and walls to entrance walls and corridors, wall art and graphics can create a welcoming and inclusive mood no matter the configuration of your building. Reception graphics can be used to emphasise school mottoes and themes, while stairway wall art is a perfect way to use transit time to inspire students.

2. Start the creative process

From science lab graphics to motivational quotes on art room walls, we’ve designed thinking spaces that are both engaging and encouraging. Using age-appropriate graphics we create an ambience of both aspiration and acceptance.

rainbow quote wall stickers

3. Playground power

Playgrounds are just for letting off steam. There are many ways to use playground facilities to create exciting visual spaces that encourage imaginative play and allow the space to be used by a range of groups engaging in different ways from quiet corners through to lively spaces for movement and fun.

4. Hallways are also wallways

What’s a wallway? It’s a visual journey, achieved through custom wall art, that tells a story as people move through the school space. This kind of storytelling graphic is a powerful tool to both educate and inspire and informs visitors to your school about your values and aspirations.

school projects corridor wall graphics

5. Sophisticated staff-rooms

Teachers, teaching assistants and administrative staff all need spaces in which they can both relax and be restored. A school is a complex and demanding place, and using appropriate bespoke wall art to create staff-rooms that support teachers to achieve their best is a fantastic investment in overall school achievement.

6. Curriculum rich classrooms

Choosing custom artwork that engages pupils in key areas of the national curriculum is a wise investment. Whether you choose key moments in history, amazing scientific discoveries or quotes from the world’s greatest literature, our wall graphics are an immersive exposure to rich levels of information that allow pupils to literally learn just by sitting in a classroom.

periodic table wall graphic

7. Wall art that moves bodies as well as minds

Gym wall art is more than just a playful way to encourage young people to exercise. Custom wall designs can be used to stimulate achievement, to provide an inclusive vision of physical activity that works for all ages, genders and ability levels. We work with schools to design powerful messages that help children have a healthy, positive body image.

8. Sparking critical thinking

From language labs to computer suites wall art, floor graphics and even ceiling decals can be used to provide children and young people into thinking more deeply and question things more carefully. Dialogue and classroom activity can be inspired by using wall art as the starting point for lessons and debates.

9. Wall art creates efficient transitions

One thing we know about school spaces is that transitions are always demanding. There’s a lot that teachers can do to manage transitions* but utilising wall art to help students make smooth transits through your buildings is probably one of the easiest, and most effective. From colour lines that indicate travel directions through to zoned art that makes it clear where you are in the building, we’ve designed many customised wall art systems to give schools easier, quicker and more enjoyable transitions.

eating quote wall decals

10. Express yourself

Schools have become experts at creating mission statements and working towards their values. We’re equally expert at conveying your values through stunning wall art that conveys exactly what your school stands for. If you’re ready to find ways to improve learning experiences for your students, talk to us today about how custom wall art can deliver in every area of your school.


How Inspired Visual can help…

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* https://www.edutopia.org/article/mastering-transitions-todd-finley