Creating a custom wall graphics brief

Everybody knows that schools have to count every penny, which is why we’ve designed a guide to creating a custom wall graphics brief to help schools and academies to get the best value from their custom wall graphics.

Why create a graphic design brief?

  1. It will help determine how to get the best value for your budget
  2. Your school’s style can be defined in the brief, helping it stand out from the crowd
  3. It pinpoints the best location(s) for graphic wall art
  4. A good graphics brief reveals the most relevant objectives for your school and your students (see below).


Investing in a solid graphic design brief pays many dividends. At our Leeds printing company, we’ve seen that time and again, a good brief leads to great custom wall graphics which in turn leads to a stronger school identity. This creates a better understanding of values, higher confidence and more engagement in the curriculum.



Know your objectives – improve your school

From top-flight schools to primary schools to brand-new academies to institutions rebranding themselves, we’ve worked with every kind of learning institution and helped them achieve their goals. So what objectives can we help with:

  • Better student wellbeing – from inclusion to navigation, wall art can give students a stronger sense of belonging and a more positive experience as they move around the school 
  • Improve teacher workload – stressed students don’t learn well, we design school graphics that lead to greater concentration and even stop students getting lost in hallways
  • Celebrate your values – your school’s mission statement can make a powerful contribution to the learning environment and we can help share that with everybody who enters your school in an exciting visual fashion
  • Promote learning – whether you choose to focus on particular subjects or increase awareness of the breadth of your curriculum, custom wall graphics can effortlessly instil a sense of learning.


periodic table wall graphic


Cost-effective ways to upgrade the learning environment

Many schools are new to the value of wall art, but we’re here to help explore how wall graphics can transform your school and the attributes of both students and teachers. Working with one of our trained consultants can help refine your ideas to striking and effective custom wall art. We spend time making sure that your chosen graphics meet your needs and communicate your vision.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not check out some of our inspiring case studies? They aren’t just evidence of our design skills but also show how we work with schools to deliver strong, exciting visuals that complement the curriculum and b build a sense of belonging.

We also offer site visits to help us understand what you want to achieve: with over two decades of experience, we can often come up with new ideas, or spot opportunities, that might not have occurred to your team. We can identify suitable colour-ways, define key elements and help refine the brief to ensure your school gets the maximum value from its investment.


A values graphic wall design for a Primary School in London



How Inspired Visual can help…

Ready to boost your school’s appearance, environment and results? Just contact us today to begin the process that leads to a revitalised school, via a great custom wall graphics brief. Our team of expert school graphic designers and installers can help you update your school, college or university. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you are aware of all the options available to you and end up with a solution that is perfect for your needs. We have vast experience and understand the importance of wayfinding graphics, please view our case studies for examples of our past work. Simply contact us or use the below form and one of the team will be in touch with you.