Creating a positive classroom climate

It was once believed that creating a positive classroom climate was largely the responsibility of teachers, but today we know that inspiring classrooms emerge as much from classroom decor as from anything else. Here are our classroom decor ideas for creating positive classroom climates for all ages.


Positive classroom decor for preschool and nurseries

Classroom decoration ideas for preschools should be simple and welcoming. Including local landmarks such as bridges, historic buildings etc, can be a great way to get very young children to recognise and respond to elements of their daily life: 

  • Wall murals for infants can be a great way to engage them in imaginative play while window murals offer an extra element of colour and stimulation that works very well for preschool children.
  • Floor decals for infants have a powerful role to play in helping small children to respond positively to structure – for example by offering them places to line up, quiet corners in which to relax and making directional flow through classrooms and corridors easier for pre-literate children.
  • Ceiling graphics are a relatively new idea, offering a positive classroom climate by literally altering the horizon. For very young children, who actually spend a lot more time looking up than adults do, stimulating ceiling graphics can be a truly inspiring experience.

Inspiring classrooms for primary school

Wall murals for primary school age kids are highly motivational. At this age, children respond well to imaginative approaches and classroom decoration ideas for a primary school that draw on curriculum approaches are a simple but effective way to engage young children in learning.

Floor decals for kids of this age are a great guide to logistics and navigation – helping children move confidently through the larger school and simplifying routes around the building for everyone. Ceiling graphics at this age are a fantastic way to boost motivation, through strong aspirational visual images.

Classroom decoration ideas for secondary schools

Wall murals for teenagers can be sophisticated and humorous ways to convey information, from motivational quotes to displaying curriculum elements. Bespoke floor and ceiling decals can create a school spirit and give teenagers strong positive models to follow. One of the most innovative uses for window murals for teenagers is to offer stunning visuals that not only convey a school ethos but also reduce distractions such as outside views or passers-by which can be a real challenge to the adolescent brain! Teenagers respond more to visual stimulation than any other age group, so secondary school children benefit immensely from a well thought out set of graphics and decals that support learning and improve attention.*

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