Floor Decals – Could they be the marketing platform you’re missing?

Retail is a tough business – and highly competitive. Retailers can’t afford to ignore anything that will increase revenue, profits and customer loyalty, such as floor advertising stickers. From academic research to anecdotal evidence, it’s been shown that shoppers respond positively to advertising decals and that the floor is one of the most neglected areas that can be used to attract and keep customers. 

Floor branding ideas are a simple, cost-effective and powerful way to increase sales. In fact where floor decals are used in aisles, they can boost purchasing by between 20-50%. Research also discovered that commercial decals on the shop floor caused people to spend longer in product areas by up to 280%. These are all considerations that make floor branding one of the greatest investments in sales that retailers can make.

Of course, there are many ways to attract customers, so what makes floor decals so special?


Floor advertising stickers are ultimately versatile. They will stick to almost any smooth surface, which means that they work in just about every setting, and they can be designed to be any size, shape or colour. They even work outdoors – a place where more customers have been spending more time, since the pandemic.


FMCG isn’t just an abbreviation, it’s a way of life in retail. Everything changes all the time: product lines, trends, seasons … everything. And keeping your advertising up-to-date as things change is essential. Commercial decals are easy to remove and replace – they are low maintenance and while they are hard-wearing, they’re also straightforward to update.


We’ve already talked about the return on investment from advertising decals, but the other reason they are a secret weapon in the armoury of many successful retailers is their relatively low cost. Compared to what is charged for digital advertising, hoarding displays or print coverage, floor advertising stickers are remarkably cost-effective. Well-designed floor branding produces such good results that it’s a constant surprise how little outlay it requires.

Of course, for advertising decals to work, they have to be creative, maybe even fun, and to harmonise with the brand identity you’re trying to create. They need to reflect whatever your brand expresses and to bring your customers to the point where they want to purchase – which is a blend of creativity and sales promotion that needs careful attention. There are safety considerations too: your floor stickers have to contend with foot traffic, which may include vehicles. 

For many organisations, working with floor advertising is a relatively new idea, so partnering with a creative team who have experience in designing effective floor decals can help boost your retail presence and increase your sales. Why not talk to us today, so that we can point you in the right direction for increased sales and better customer retention?

A football themed floor graphic

How Inspired Visual can help…

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