How office wall graphics can inspire your employees

Gone are the days when everybody worked in featureless grey cubicles – today, office wall graphics can inspire your employees, help deliver work-life balance and align them with your company values. There’s plenty of research that shows how important the working environment is to people – in fact in one research project 79% of people said their workplace environment directly affected their sense of job satisfaction.* That’s a lot of people who can be made happier and more productive through effective interventions, such as office wall graphics or art.


Inspirational office decor – more than just making things look good

Surroundings influence behaviour and feelings – that’s why restaurants and coffee shops spend so much time and money choosing their decor. When it comes to the workplace colour, graphics and images, good design can help energise your employees, or alternatively, give them a space in which to relax and recharge their batteries.



Colour and motivation for offices

Wall art using shades of green and blue can improve efficiency and help people focus, yellow energises and promotes creativity and red revs the heart and makes people feel more active. Similarly, motivational wall art for offices can communicate brand identity or inspire your workforce to greater heights – it can also be used to showcase your company and its ethos to visitors to your offices, by using innovative and engaging designs. We can advise on simple cost-effective ways of transforming your workspace.


Using office wall graphic ideas to improve your workspace

The simplest and often the most effective way to create a new and rewarding atmosphere at work is to invest in wall art that contains motivational quotes. These quotes might come from famous individuals, your own team members or emerge from your mission statement. They can be aspirational or confirmation of how well you’re doing, and they are known to:

  • Encourage creativity – that’s why we all read graffiti tags when we see them! Seeing colourful and inspiring artwork engages that part of our own brain that generates creativity.
  • Confirm company values – getting your team aligned with your company values doesn’t just help them know who they’re working for, it boosts the emotional connection between them and your organisation.


information is a powerful thing wall decal

Why does motivation matter at work?

Motivation really matters because it boosts creativity and reduces boredom and inattention to tasks, it makes the workplace more enjoyable and increases the trust people have in their company’s leadership. 

So if you’d like to increase your team’s motivation, and are ready to explore how we can help you source the perfect office wall graphic to inspire them to the utmost, why not contact us today?



How Inspired Visual can help…

Our team of expert office wall graphic designers and installers can help you update your offices. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you are aware of all the options available to you and end up with a solution that is perfect for your businesses needs. We have vast experience and understand the importance of motivating office graphics, please view our case studies for examples of our past work. Simply contact us or use the below form and one of the team will be in touch with you.