How should we decorate our office space?

Every workspace is different – but they all have the same requirements: office workspace needs to be efficient, attractive and demonstrate the purpose of the organisation. Office decor ideas need to inspire people to work, to create centres of creativity and activity and to achieve competitive advantage.  Of course, a budget needs to be considered, but many modern office decor approaches are both cost-effective and can be implemented even in temporary offices or starter hubs, so even the smallest company can build its brand presence from day one.

Modern office work – how decor helps

The pandemic has changed everybody’s view of office life – today we don’t expect to sit in a communal space 9-5 with all our colleagues, which means that office decor has to function in the virtual as well as the physical realm.  Simple solutions like linking your conference room wall design to decals and stickers for home computers and stationery can create a sense of teamwork and collaboration whether your employees are in your office, at home, or on the go. 

Flexible work routines also mean that the benefits of art in offices are more important than ever. We all know that relaxed people work better, and when they’re at home, coffee cup in hand, their own choice of music playing, people are at their most relaxed. So how do we create similar relaxation and motivation in the workplace? The benefits of art in offices are:

  • Shaping a culture – when people walk into your office, they can be given a powerful visual experience of your organisation, before they speak to a single person or read any literature. Your branding, whether it’s bright and playful, dignified and classical, modern and disruptive, can be conveyed in every area of your office space from conference room wall design to office interiors, hallways and even your toilets!
  • Sharing a vision – displaying key elements of your mission statement visually or in words, can be a fantastic way to motivate and inspire your workforce: wall or window decals, murals or other installations or even floor stickers can communicate your message with verve and style. 
  • Improving productivity – workplaces can be inspiring or dispiriting – which is yours? Well-designed office decor can motivate people, but a specific focus on messaging that gives people the desire to excel can create a mood boost each time your workforce enter the building. That delivers extra energy, more commitment and a sense of purpose that gets everybody moving towards a common goal. 
  • Social cohesion – as we work more flexibly, one issue is team building – how to create a sense of team spirit when people are in different places at different times? Office decor ideas can deliver that sense of working together, by linking the physical space to your brand identity, by giving people a sense of belonging and by encouraging people to see themselves as central to your organisation’s success.




How Inspired Visual can help…

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