How to re-energise your employees

It’s been a tough period and considering how to re-energise your employees is both a key concern for employers and can also feel like somewhat of a luxury when so many businesses are finding their feet again after COVID-19, Brexit etc. But employees are the single most valuable aspect of any business and re-energising them should be a feature of any good business plan.


The role of inspirational quotes in employee motivation

It’s not always the first thought in a business owner or manager’s mind, but there’s good evidence that inspirational quotes are a powerful force in re-energising employees. For example, biologically the human animal is designed to look up to leaders and to aspire to be like them; we are pack animals, unlike the solitary eagle which flies alone. But as we live in ever bigger groups, it’s hard for us to ‘know’ our leaders, and that’s when a pithy motivational saying or a display of powerful inspirational quotes can help reinvigorate individuals, focus them back on the value of their role and remind them that they are part of something bigger, and something worth being part of. It’s why sports teams have rallying cries … deep in our DNA, we respond to the desire to play our small part in a great endeavour, whether that’s trapping and killing a mammoth for food or completing our work tasks before the deadline. Harnessing this innate tendency can help employees feel enthused and engaged.



Inspirational quotes work in another way too: employees can easily become lost in the details, especially if they are going through a tough time, whether that’s an individual problem or a company-wide challenge. Well-selected and well-worded inspirations can help transcend the day to day and help people rise up to the bigger picture, reacquainting themselves with the big vision for themselves, and the big vision for their organisation. Aspiration is important, not just because it keeps us focused but because aspiration increases adrenaline and endorphins, sharpens the mind and reduces feelings of boredom and tiredness. Any job can have its tedious moments, and inspirational quotes on workplace walls can reduce the negative and highlight the positive in the working day.

Finally – employees want more from the world than their salary; we all want to feel that we’re doing something worthwhile and if we’re a first responder, care worker or teacher, we probably get a lot of affirmation from our work. But for many employees, performing tasks just as essential but without such obvious feedback, inspirational quotes around the workplace can remind us that we’re not just doing a good job, we’re doing a job that is good. 


How Inspired Visual can help…

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