Case Study - Saracens High School

Inspired Visual create wall art ahead of Saracens High School launch

The School wall graphics and decals that we offer are a fantastic way to create attractive, cost-effective and inspiring school classrooms and corridors for students and staff alike. By using informative, educational and aspirational graphics, Saracens High School aimed to use these products to inspire its students to reach their full potential. Here we take a closer look at how our team of school wall art specialists helped this high school brighten up the interior of its school buildings.


The challenge

To inform and inspire the students of Saracens High School.

We were approached by Saracens High School to design, print and install a variety of school wall graphics and displays to enhance the internal environment of the academy for its students, staff and visitors. The school in North London opened in Nov 2021 and wanted to launch with an inspiring Timeline wall graphic, Innovators in Science and Diversity Wall Graphics. Using the available wall spaces in the corridors, classrooms, reception and entrance areas, we were asked to come up with a number of school wall graphics that could inspire the school’s students.

The solution

 A number of fantastic graphics were spread around the School.

Taking into account the layout of the building, as well as the school’s colours, values and beliefs, we came up with effective visuals using a variety of graphics, icons, quotes and interactive display frames which can be updated easily to keep them looking fresh.


Execution made easy.

In total, we installed over 700sq metres of printed wall graphics throughout the School. They were designed to brighten up the interior of the building, aiding Wayfinding and creating a positive learning environment.


Fantastic high school wall graphics installed out of hours, on time and within the client’s budget.

The graphics were printed using a one-piece wallpaper and finished with an anti-graffiti and anti-microbial laminate for added durability. Some of the larger walls were printed in 20m x 3m sections and were cut around doors, switches and windows to give a seamless finish.

Saracens High School Testimonial

“The graphics really brighten up the school and the corridors, making them welcoming, interesting, and prompt conversations and debate. Our 8m high graphic in the atrium is an immediate talking point for most visitors. The quality of the product is exceptional, as was the support from the team at Inspired Visual, from the quotation stage, through the design, and installation. We will certainly look to them when we want to add to our school graphics.”

Dr Matt Stevens - Headteacher at Saracens High School