Creative Education Trust

Promote Your School With Educational Wall Art

In today’s competitive educational landscape, schools, colleges and universities are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out and promote their brand. One highly effective yet …

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Trans Union wall vinyls

How should we decorate our office space?

Every workspace is different – but they all have the same requirements: office workspace needs to be efficient, attractive and demonstrate the purpose of the …

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St Botolph's Primary School

Creating a custom wall graphics brief

Everybody knows that schools have to count every penny, which is why we’ve designed a guide to creating a custom wall graphics brief to help …

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What is wayfinding signage and why it’s important

You may never have asked yourself ‘what is wayfinding signage?’ – but to run a successful business you probably should. Many companies fail to understand …

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Hospital Directional Signs

The importance of signage in business

A business without signage? It’s not really a business!  For any business the importance of signage in business can’t be overstated and here’s why …
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How do you promote imagination in the classroom?

Imagination is more important that knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.  ~Albert Einstein
And who are we to argue with Albert Einstein? So …

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