School corridor and stairwell wraps

Education Wall Decals For Staircase, Walls & Floors

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your school then our team of creative designers, experienced project managers and professional installers can help you to create Inspirational school wall art that will brighten up even the dullest stairway or corridor wall.

From a history timeline taking you back to the time of the dinosaurs, motivational quotes from the world’s greatest leaders, to your school’s vision and values tastefully integrated onto the walls of your building. Whatever your requirement our school corridor and wall decals for staircase walls can educate, inspire and motivate.

School wall art benefits

Wall art in school is proven to help pupils well being with research from the USA suggesting that a school’s internal environment can have a direct impact on student achievement.

Our corridor and stairwell wraps require zero maintenance which means less time for staff maintaining work displays and leaving them with more time to do what they do best!

Designed & Installed

We work by your side to identify the right style, designs, colours, visuals and content – in line with your school’s requirements. Clients include schools, nurseries, colleges and universities, in fact, anyone who wants to make the best use of the fabric of their building. Your education wall art, changeable displays or wall decals for staircase walls will arrive at a pre-agreed time and date to suit you, with our team of professional installers. If necessary, our installers can work outside normal hours and during the holidays to ensure that your school wall art and graphics are installed with minimum disruption to you.

Mayfield Primary School

We were approached by Mayfield Primary School to help them create a new look for their school interior using wall graphics and displays. We used a selection of vinyl graphics, wallpapers, built up lettering and window vinyl to help them communicate their school values and create a positive learning environment.

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What our clients say:

“We are so delighted with the design that Inspired Visual created for us. Inspired Visual produced creative designs that captured the uniqueness of our school, matching our carefully chosen colour scheme and weaving our emblem, our values and our ideas into their professional polished designs”

Belinda Ewart, Headteacher - Mayfield Primary School

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If any of our school wall art and mural options have you looking at yours walls and hallways in schools and envisioning something a bit more exciting lining them, then please get in touch; one of our team will be delighted to talk to you over the phone or meet you in person for a free site survey.

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