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Office wall graphics

Installing engaging graphics for offices is one of the best ways to create a modern inspiring atmosphere for you, your colleagues and visitors.

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Bespoke office wall graphics

We can tailor your office wall graphics or outdoor business signage design to suit your budget, whether you require an entire theme to work throughout your workplace or a simple welcome display to your property.

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Our experienced project managers will work with you every step of the way when creating your corporate office branding to ensure a hassle free experience. Click below to arrange a free no obligation site survey for office wall graphics.

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Revitalise your office with architectural film wrapping

If you feel it’s time that your office deserves a revamp. Find out how architectural office wall graphics and wraps can not only create a great new look but save you money, time and help the environment.

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Office wall graphics that inspires!

Productivity and collaboration flourish in spaces that inspire, motivate, and excite. When Inspired Visual works with you, we’ll make sure that we understand your organisations' values and beliefs before designing your corporate office wall graphics and branding that help to achieve your organisation's workplace graphics goals.

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6 stunning office display solutions

Interchangeable office
graphic displays

Bespoke dry wipe and magnetic boards can be used to create interchangeable office graphic displays; ideal for workplace graphics displaying messages that need to be changed regularly.
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One piece office
wall graphics

Fitted straight to your brick walls and then conformed using heat; our vinyl office wall branding and graphics take the exact shape of your brickwork and look stunning as break room wall decals and outdoor business signs.
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Office Floor

Why stop at the walls? Office floor graphics provide a practical solution for wayfinding in large workplaces and can really give your workplace graphics the WOW factor!
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Tension fabric

Tension Fabric System graphics give you the flexibility to keep refreshing your environment without the need for specialist installers. They can even be backlit to create even more of a statement.
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Office window

From simple window frosting or one-way vision film to create privacy in a meeting room or something a little more complex. We can offer a office window graphics solution that meets your objectives.
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Bespoke office wall
display solutions

We can create bespoke office wall graphics or displays, office wall branding and office boards to showcase your company's achievements. From bespoke office wall displays & noticeboards to team organisational charts.
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If any of these options have you looking around your office walls and corridors envisioning something a bit more exciting or corporate office branding lining the walls, please get in touch; one of our office wall graphics team will be delighted to talk to you over the phone and/or meet you in person for a free site survey.

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