Case Study - Carlton Bolling School

Inspiring wall graphics for Carlton Bolling School in Bradford.

School wall graphics and decals are a great way to create attractive, cost-effective, inspiring school classrooms and corridors. By using informative, educational and aspirational graphics, schools, colleges and universities can inspire students to reach their full potential. Here we take a closer look at how our team of school wall art specialists helped Carlton Bolling school in Bradford brighten up the fabric of their school buildings.


The challenge

To inform and inspire the students, staff and visitors.

We were approached by Carlton Bolling school to design, print and install a variety of school corridor wall graphics and displays to enhance the environment of the school for its students, staff and visitors – including inspirational literature characters like Cat in a Hat from Dr Seuss and historical figures like William Shakespeare and Bob Marley.

Using the available wall spaces in the corridors and entrance areas, we were asked to come up with a number of school wall graphics that could inspire the school’s students.


The solution

 A number of fantastic graphics spread around the school’s corridors and communal areas.

Taking into account the internal layout of the building, Inspired Visual came up with a simple but effective design using a variety of graphics, icons and quotes which can be updated easily to keep them looking fresh.


Execution made easy.

Large wall graphics featuring and covering the different subjects taught at the schools, the team at  Inspired Visual created and installed across the school’s corridors graphics covering science, music, design technology and literature.


Fantastic school wall graphics that were installed out of hours, on time and within the client’s budget.

Fantastic school wall graphics that were installed out of hours, on time and within the client’s budget.

The wall graphics installation was a mixture of large wall graphics, wall vinyl graphics and corridor wall decals and left the school delighted with the final result.