The importance of paediatric ward design for children

The importance of paediatric ward design for children cannot be overstated – it’s not only essential to help children relax and engage with their journey back to health, but also to help parents and family members, and nursing professionals to be more comfortable, confident and easy-going in their environment, which in turn allows the child in their care to less go of stresses and concerns. 


Finding the right partner for hospital ward design

When considering hospital ward design, it’s good to work with people who’ve got relevant experience. Finding a partner who can help create a welcoming and healing environment for children and their families is essential to creating the right ‘ward ambience’.

A children’s ward is a complex place, and the experience begins before the ward is even reached. Lifts, corridors and walkways create the first impression and can be used to establish the expectations of frightened children and their stressed parents. Using decals and wall art can establish an inspirational ‘journey’ even if it’s being taken on a hospital bed or in a wheelchair. Much hospital time is spent waiting, and the areas in which children and their families end up waiting can set the tone for the entire experience – that’s why we establish the right relaxed and appealing approach from the very beginning. 


Hospital wall graphics and signage


Hospital ward design, things to consider…

Medical guidelines and protocols – there can be no compromise on security, safety and medical standards, but within that restriction, a space can be made engaging and comforting

  • Privacy – a large part of paediatric ward design relates to ensuring children, and their families, have enough privacy to continue their family life, wall art and decals can be designed to complement curtains and screening which allows spaces to be self-contained even if they don’t have walls
  • Colour schemes are important – there should be a balance of calming and exciting colours, and playful  and soothing elements which allow children to be either energised and happy, or relaxed and sleepy, so for example, a circus tent theme might be too exciting for nervous children, whilst a park theme could offer elements of both calm and thrilling that allows a child to choose the visuals that they respond best to on the day
  • Design themes – the importance of art in hospitals is not just about nice designs, the themes should have therapeutic value; they should reflect positive healthy feelings and offer children a sense of calm certainty and being cared for
  • Simplicity – wall art and decals are truly incredible for helping children find their way around a paediatric ward because they allow even the youngest child to navigate the space with confidence and to make sure they feel ‘at home’ in the space. After all, it is their home from home, for at least a little while.

The role of great ward design in better paediatric outcomes

Great paediatric ward design can actually influence the way young patients respond to treatment. A positive environment can improve patient outcomes and choosing enthralling artwork, a careful colour palette and clever navigation elements can actually help children have a more enjoyable experience and recover more quickly.



How Inspired Visual can help…

Our team of expert hospital ward designers and installers can help you update your hospital walls. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you are aware of all the options available to you and end up with a solution that is perfect for your needs. We have vast experience working with hospitals and understand the importance of art in hospitals, please view our case studies for examples of our past work. Simply contact us or use the below form and one of the team will be in touch with you.